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HD Video Production

HD Video Production | Damon Molloy Productions - San Francisco, CA

HD video production is one of Damon Molloy Productions specialties. Using state-of-the-art high definition camera technology, Damon Molloy Productions...

Comprehensive Editing

Comprehensive Editing | Damon Molloy Productions - San Francisco, CA

Damon Molloy Productions in San Francisco, CA not only works with HD video production and legacy equipment, but with comprehensive editing as well. This...

Legacy Equipment

Legacy Equipment | Damon Molloy Productions - San Francisco, CA

As video technologies change, certain equipment goes out of production. However, many video producers choose to work with outdated equipment to give the video...


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“From Pre-Production Planning to Final Duplication, DMP Can Do It All.”

Welcome To Damon Molloy Productions

Damon Molloy Productions, based in San Francisco, CA, is a video production company with decades of experience, having produced work for television and major companies. This company has produced documentaries, commercials, promotional videos, theatrical movies, PSA campaigns, and much more. Damon Molloy is a second generation video professional. He has been surrounded by the art of video production his entire life, and has translated that to offering HD video production service for others.

Damon Molloy Productions specializes in live event videography along with corporate and continuing education projects. The company has been active in the San Francisco area for many years now, producing video for local television stations and companies, while branching out in the international scene by producing documentaries. Damon Malloy Productions offers many services, such as comprehensive video editing and legacy equipment, converting Betacam SP, ¾’ U-Matic, S-VHS and other older video forms.

After having been established in the business so long, you can be guaranteed a certain caliber of work from Damon Molloy Productions that you won’t find in any other video production company. The company has an already established list of prominent clientele and a body of work that speaks for itself. Damon Molloy is experienced with working with many different types of video mediums.

The company provides a skilled crew that works closely with clients to produce high quality videos. The crew will work closely with clients so that they can get the results that they want within an utmost professional atmosphere. All equipment is provided, such as audio mixers, lighting, and switchers. All of this is designed to make the talent look the best they can for the production. If you would like a video project to be produced by Damon Molloy Productions, call the company today for a quote!